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March 2017 - insurance claim processing

The emerging Indian BPO Industry and its effect on the Healthcare Sector

The healthcare industry has critical data in bulk that it deals with every day. The industry would rather concentrate on improving its life-saving services and reaching out to a larger audience than on data management which is mundane and cumbersome.…


How Can Data Processing and Business Intelligence Solutions Transform the Insurance Sector?

The insurance sector is one such division where there is considerable volume of data to be managed. Data inflow and outflow is critical to the insurance companies. More than the volume, the high level of confidentiality to be kept in…


Put an End to Inaccurate Claims by Outsourcing Claims Adjudication

Insurance Claims is an inevitable procedure for Insurance companies of all kinds. It comes along with a large amount of data that needs processing. Dealing with such enormous data leads to some imprecise information which can lead to other dire…