IoT – A Revolutionary Introduction to the Healthcare Industry


Have you imagined a time when smart devices are used to analyze and determine the medical information? IoT or the Internet of Things is trending in Healthcare too.  Smart methods are adapted into the Healthcare domain with IoT. The health care sector is moving out of its traditional cocoon to the advanced method of reporting and study of medical data. IoT provides many expert data analytics that are trending now in the healthcare industry. IoT provides a 360-degree view of the healthcare industry in a way leveraging an impactful decision making.

IoT helps to store the details of patients effectively and gives a proper insight into the medical history of the patient. It provides a greater way to connect to huge volumes of real-time patient data.  IoT provides a powerful substantiation and insights of healthcare domain, giving an opportunity to access a huge database of information regarding the patients as well as healthy individuals. In a way, it facilitates the working of Insurance Claim Processing wherein data is significant for the efficient processing of the claims.

Most of the insurance providers need a huge amount of information regarding the patients. Every time, before a claim is processed or approved, the claim processing services do a thorough study of the claims to retrieve legitimate information about the patients. IoT facilitates such information that can be made easily available to the insurance vendor a click away.

IoT helps in many challenging situations as:

Preventive care

IoT helps analyze the body indexes and then come up with a predictive analysis in accordance with the external and internal parameters to reach out on conclusions of the health of the individual. The verification is quite important when considering Health Insurance Claim Processing. The results can analyze the body functioning and notify the patient if there are chances of heart attacks and strokes with the help of these wearable devices.

Prescribing the right medicine dosages

With the assistance of the wearable devices which are mapped to the IoT gadgets, it is helpful in analyzing the medical condition of the patient. In a way, the result is quite handy for the doctors to prescribe the right dosage of medicine for the patient.

Analyzing the Effect and risks of drugs prescribed

Drugs are quite dangerous when not prescribed adequately by the doctor. To avoid such risks, IoT helps to verify the potential risks and the effect of the drug specified by the doctor and the patient’s response to the medicine. Any kind of proactive negative reactions can be predicted and avoided.

Integrated analysis of data for better decisions

Data from the patient can be collect with the help of various parameters measured using these health care devices and a definitive test can be done for determining the disease and the therapy for the same. A patient examination can be done and the measures can be an effective way of determining the outcome of the research. These decisions and reviews are important for insurance claim service provider, to provide claims and services.

The main challenge that IoT devices must face is that, since the data is captured and projected in real-time, the devices need to be scaled up to receive and process these data and even apply some analytical process to get the reports.

IoT is changing the perspective of data analysis in healthcare domain.

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