Understanding how does the Insurance Claims Process Work

How does the insurance claims process work-

Insurance claim processing is a critical aspect of health care service providers in many parts of the world. Insurance claims processing involves entry verification validation and processing of critical patient information and others data which requires technology and expertise. Since data entry is not the core competency of Healthcare service providers they have to either invest on the infrastructure and recruitment of an exclusive data entry department or we can outsource the same to a competent Outsourcing Partner. Healthcare Insurance Processing is typically outsourced to leverage from cost and time efficiency that the Outsourcing partners always provide. Here are some critical steps involved in insurance claims processing:

Manual Processing

Manual processing of insurance claims is quite complicated. There are many forms to be filled by the medical practitioner and the patient, which needs to be verified and validated and then submitted to the insurance provider. These forms contain critical information which includes standard terms used in the health care and insurance fields. The person who is feeling these forms will have to be an expert with search terms used in the field and the processes involved in filing this forms for the claim process. Since most of the insurance companies require these forms to be filed electronically, even the manually written forms will have to be digitized before they can be electronically filed. This involves technology and expertise and hence outsourcing insurance claims is more desirable as far as the medical practitioner or the health care service provider is concerned.

Electronic Processing

Since it has become a mandate for most of the health service providers and medical practitioners to file the insurance claims electronically most of the Healthcare service providers refer to outsource this complicated process to competent partners. A considerable volume of patient information, information regarding the medical service provided the medicines prescribed and any special procedures done to be input in a standard format which has to be filed electronically to claim the insurance amount. Sometimes if the details are not complete or accurate the claim may be denied. This further slows down the payment process that causes inconvenience to the patient as well as a doctor. The entire process can be simplified with the help of offshore insurance claims service providers.

Data entry

The very first step involved in insurance claims processing is data entry. Many forms are to be filled by the client as well as the medical practitioner and all this information has to be input that enables the medical claim to be processed electronically.

Verification and validation

The input data needs to be verified and validated for correctness completeness and authenticity. Special software is used to ensure the correctness and completeness of information. The claims processing will have access to information to check the authenticity of the records input. If any discrepancies or incompleteness is found the data entry partner crossed checks the details with the medical practitioner of the patient to correct and complete the forms. In case of discrepancies the claim maybe rejected providing accurate information and reason for rejection.

Claims processing

Monster verification and validation processes are completed the client forwarded for processing. The patient’s information medical records and insurance details cross-checked to evaluate the Planes amount due to the patient or the doctor for payment. The terms and conditions of the insurance are checked and accordingly the payment is processed in complete or part.

Once all these processes are completed the insurance company only needs to release the payment as suggested by the insurance claims service provider. Outsourcing speeds up the entire process as the Outsourcing partner will have complete access to the information technology and expertise to process this complicated information. All verifications and validations are completed by the insurance claim service provider and only the valid cleans are received by the insurance provider.

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