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Electronic check processing is used widely in many organizations since it is easy way to accept checks without visiting the bank. Our electronic check processing programs are engineered in a way to enhance your business, your checks are electronically verified and authorized and then the funds are electronically deposited in the account easily and securely and this will help in saving your time. The development in technologies has made check processing easier and secure.

For those who like transactions using checks, Electronic check processing is used. In electronic check processing the check amount is directly transferred into the clients account from your account like processing a debit card. This helps in saving time and reduces paper work used. It is used mostly when checks are mailed in or when you have check and no other means of payment. While using electronic check processing makes sure your account has sufficient balance to make the payment.


Implementing the electronic check processing and verification service in an organized way!

How electronic check processing is done:

  • Check processing is done in the same way they process debit/credit cards.
  • The customer who wants to pay by check has to write a check first.
  • The check is then checked by using a check reader or any other devices which can access check
  • The check is then swiped into the check reader and scanned for details.
  • If the check is a valid and is with sufficient amount in the account then the transaction is processed and amount is deposited in account within few hours.
  • The check is returned to the client stamped void.

If the checks are mailed in, then similar procedure is carried out as above, but the check is not returned to you after processing the transaction, if you are mailing the check then make sure you have sufficient balance in your account, and check the account statements to make sure the transactions were correct.

Advantages of using electronic check processing

  • Saves time by saving a trip to bank
  • Can speed up deposits if not currently banking daily
  • Eliminates many of the costs and liabilities associated with paper checks.
  • Reduces chance of lost or stolen checks before deposit
  • Requires no software to purchase or install, and no licensing fees to pay.
  • Accelerates cash flow – transactions settle within one to three business days.
  • Guarantee of the checks are available