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Need to outsource Inbound/Outbound and sales process to Insurance Claim Processing!

We provide inbound/outbound services to increase your business our team of skilled and experienced telemarketing experts helps in improving your business. We provide several services to increase and market your business.

Inbound marketing services advertise with blogs websites etc and the customer will call in to know more about the services and to buy the services whereas outbound services are the opposite of the inbound services, out bound services are of two types, one is you call existing customers and letting them know about the new offers you provide, other one is where you call new users and letting them know about your services as a promotion of your services.

There are several inbound/outbound services services services we provide


It is an important method to increase business, telemarketing services are sold over telephone. Our telemarketing services are implemented in such a way to increase business, our team of skilled and experienced telemarketing experts helps in improving your business. We use both inbound and outbound services for marketing.


Customer Service

This is a facility for providing services to customers before and after purchase to ensure customer satisfaction. This service is important to maintain a good relationship with the clients. Our agents are trained well to service clients in a friendly way, good services will increase business.


Surveys are conducted over telephone to know the percentage customer satisfaction about the process or products. They are also done to improve business by collecting user feedbacks and research and improving them and also for advertising and marketing process.


Help Desk

This service is provided to assist and guide the customers about the latest offers and solutions in the products. They are required to provide the users with vital information and any changes in the policies. The help desk is active 24/7 and is ready to service the clients to maintain a good relationship and hence increasing the satisfaction and hence increasing the profit.

Customers are most likely to respond negatively to your calls but we will try to make these calls more successful and will help you get more sales our experienced team will ensure to make calls and increase your sales. Some customers hate cold calls and telemarketing we make them more suitable for clients and instead of making clients hate these calls and we make it suitable for clients