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Storing and processing medical records of patients is a hectic task for all the healthcare centers and hospitals since handling huge volume of patient records can be tiresome and messy. To store and handle this data lot of storage space and lots of time will be wasted this will bring about a huge loss for most of the organizations. Keeping the medical records of a patient is important to reduce errors and to increase accuracy of treatments as well as for insurance claims processing.

Get our patient record form processing and offline medical data entry services!

We provide form processing services like patient record indexing and processing, our efficient and timely processing will help you organize and process patient records efficiently and accurately. We help you scan and digitize the huge heaps of patient records into digital documents, for easy retrieval and access of records. This will save up to 50% of your operational cost and can save lot of storage space. The patient records are saved for future references and these records will take up most of the storage spaces and operational costs.

Our Services

We handle huge amounts of patient record and index them and process them into electronic documents which is easy to access and easier to locate a patient. We handle the following process:

  • Clinical histories
  • Health service providers’ notes
  • Hospitalization bills
  • Insurance claims and reimbursements
  • Medical reports, with test and diagnosis particulars