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Specific Excess Reinsurance & Reconciliation

Specific Excess Reinsurance particularly denotes car hire excess reinsurance in the UK. When you hire a car, it is quite likely that your car-hire dealer charges you an excess amount of some unforeseen damage after you return it and have fully paid the hire. Astonishingly, this excess amount can be up to £2,500 which is a huge amount. If you hire cars regularly, in order to protect yourself from being charged in excess, you can opt for a car hire excess reinsurance which will take care of the unexpected or excess charges billed by the car hire agency.

We undertake car hire reinsurance for those travelling frequently to the UK or on annual car hire contracts. Protect your car hires from all or any excess charges for bumps, scratches, theft or even accidents for a very small amount. We also offer excess reinsurance in more than one person’s name in the same contract to include a friend or family with whom you happen to travel more frequently. If that friend or family member hires another car, that too will be covered under the same car hire excess reinsurance contract which saves you some more money.


Authentic and precise document verification and insurance claim processing!

Even though the rental company gives you an option to buy excess insurance cover, it is likely to be more expensive than our contracts and may not provide complete coverage. So even if you spend on an excess reinsurance, you may still end up paying more, in case, of some small damage if that is not covered by the insurance. The options will be lesser than what you get with us.
Our experts make sure that you choose the right excess insurer by choosing from our list of well analyzed excess insurers. We undertake all documentation and validation procedures to make sure that all the required clauses are covered under the insurance contract and you will never have to pay excess money on any matter related to the car hire. We cover all your excess insurance requirements such as major and minor damages to the vehicle, theft, towing, key, battery and misfueling across a wide range of rental companies in the UK and many other countries worldwide.

We offer our services for daily as well as annual car hire excess reinsurance in the UK and other countries from where you are likely to hire or use the hired vehicle. Our processes are simple and timely. You can access our services online and the claim request can also be done online. Our experts are always at your service over the phone, email or at our established offices.

Our website has further details on a list of damages covered and a clear list of what’s not covered so that you know clearly what you are paying for and what not. Our policies and procedures are quite transparent. You can trust us for the best car hire reinsurance and make sure that you do not have to pay anything extra for your daily or annual car hire contracts.