What is General Insurance Claim Processing & Steps Involved

General insurance claim processing is a formal request by a policyholder to an insurance agency for inclusion or remuneration for a secured misfortune or arrangement occasion. Individuals buy general insurance to have a guarantee that they don’t endure financial crisis if there should be an occurrence of disastrous occasions such as accidents, natural calamities or any other misfortune.

General insurance claim processing is one of the real capacities that is being outsourced by insurance companies. There are many types of processing for general insurance such as health insurance claim process, auto insurance claim process, home insurance claim process, etc. Insurance agencies need to settle claims quickly as it would assist them with strengthening or improving to secure their brand image and reputation. These insurance companies spend a lot of their resources and effort in training and managing their employees for perfect claim processing.

So, the viable answer to such issues would be to outsource insurance claim processing to offshore BPO firms. At reduced processing times, they can cut down operational expenses and in delivering high-quality services. Insurers can utilize automated, AI or improved analytics to efficiently process claims and identify patterns or potential issues. It also facilitates easy to information access and smooth functioning for insurance business companies.


Let us look at the processes or procedures that are involved in general insurance claims such as house insurance claims process, claim processing in healthcare, medical insurance claim process, car insurance claim process, etc.

  • Contacting the Agent – An agent is an important person for insurance policies. They will how to forward the initial step of the claim process by understanding the detailed list of valuables that had undergone damages or have been lost and the circumstances that caused it with the help of photos or videos of the same. When all is obtained another official will follow up with the individual to continue to the next process.

  • Claim Inquiry – After the submission of the claim report, it has to be investigated by another official to decide the measure of loss or harm secured in an insurance policy. The agent also recognizes any liable parties and you can help the procedure by giving any witness statement or contact details of other involved parties.
  • Verification – When the inquiries are finished, the official will analyze the policy carefully to figure out what is and isn’t included in the policy, and explain about possible material deductibles that may apply to the case.
  • Damage Assessment – To precisely assess the impact of the loss or damage, the insurance agent may employ appraisers, specialists, or temporary workers to provide their professional guidance. When the estimate is finished, the agent will give you a review of favored vendors to help with the fixes, sparing a decent amount of time and research.
  • Release of Payment After everything is fixed or the valuables have been replaced with new ones, your agent will reach you with respect to the settlement of your case and payment which might take time depending on the intensity of the situation and the complications involved.

Outsource general insurance claim processing is a valuable service for every type of insurance company. Be it for house insurance claim process, claim processing in healthcare, medical insurance claim process, car insurance claim process, insurance companies are looking to get the work done at reduced times, costs and workloads. These processes ensure every claim to be handled carefully and on an accurate level, regardless of incidents or issues.

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