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Offshore Insurance Claim Processing Service Provider

At Insurance Claims Processing, we undertake all your outsourcing requirements as far as data is concerned. From data entry to forms processing to accounting and reconciliation, we undertake every job that’s related to data entry, verification and processing for the Insurance industry. All types of validations and verification are carried out by us at real-time and the detailed reports are presented to the insurance company. We also provide state of the art solutions to integrate most of your insurance-related processes and make things work smoothly. We also consider that for a smooth functioning of the insurance companies, checks processing and forms entry are also equally important and hence provide such services too.

Insurance processing services include Life insurance processing, health insurance processing, auto insurance processing and general insurance processing. We also provide consultancy services to kick-start a new business venture providing you the services of the best web solution provider and its marketing partner. We also provide inbound and outbound marketing and sales solutions such as telemarketing, customer service, surveys and helpdesk. We extend our services for Accounting and Reconciliation, claim overpayment and processing matters too.


Well-specialized service provider of varied insurance claim processing!

Our Insurance processing solutions include data entry and managing the beneficiary details, reserve validations, audits, and reinstatements, provider and specific excess insurance, and account settlement. We have industry experts for validations, audits and account settlement so that the processes are verified, documented and executed without any shortfalls. Our services let you concentrate on your core business as we also make sure that the entire process goes through stringent quality procedures.

We also undertake the most tedious and risky checks processing services that too at real-time. We engage our experts at verification and validation of checks presented by the client. The client history is checked for any previous default, check bouncing or insufficient fund issues. The verified checks are immediately processed electronically just like the debit / credit cards. Check presentation that usually takes a few days to complete, gets done in a matter of a few hours. Our verification processes make sure that your risk is zero when it comes to checks processing.

Apart from these, forms processing for different types of insurance are also undertaken by ICP. We carry out data entry of patient record details, different types of email and other claim forms, coupon or rebate forms, credit card applications, financial documentation processing, invoice processing, shipping documents processing, tax and payroll processing. We help you create, market, process and consolidate different types of forms online which make a lot of digital data available to your organization.

We have set procedures to follow to make sure that all the processes undertaken by us are completed economically as well as accurately. We engage experienced employees in making sure no misinformation or mistakes are committed in data entry and processing. Your data is quite secure with us since we use the latest and the best information security systems to protect your data. We also provide customized solutions for your requirements. Once the work is completed to your satisfaction, you can count on us for excellent technical and customer support.