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Credit cards have become an inevitable part of our daily life, nowadays people does not carry money with them instead they all carry credit cards. It eliminates the inconvenience in carrying huge amounts of money along with them, and also by using credit cards they can borrow money from bank that can be paid on a later date.

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Steps in applying for a credit card

Applying for a credit card: There are several methods for applying for a credit card either you can visit a bank and submit an application or you can apply online or else you could apply through a field officer. After applying you have to submit all the required documents like address proof and id proof etc.

Verification and history check: The bank will then verify the submitted credentials and documents. Most probably a field agent will turn up at your door step or you will get a verification call. After that your employment history and salary details will be verified based on that your card limit will be fixed.

Application Evaluation and Card Issuing: The application is verified again; the bank personnel’s will double check the application for every minute detail. After these verifications are complete your card will be issued by the bank and all the documents and agreements are mailed along.

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