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Benefits of outsourcing claim overpayment to our bunch of professionals!

Claim overpayment is one of the main problems faced by the insurance agencies. Every year billions and billions of dollars of medical claims are overpaid. These overpayments are caused by simple mistakes in processing the claims. Sometimes the insurer has to pay more than they are obliged to pay this result in huge loss. These loses can be leveled by finding the mistakes and by adjusting the future claims according.

Sometimes the bad economy may pressurize the scrutiny in the claims, or due to some miscode or due to some system error. If you are overpaid then report it immediately to the insurer, before they demand a repayment. Audit your transactions several times for any miscalculations in the payment and help to recover them. Identify the over payment issue and find solutions to overcome them by identifying the overpayments and by keeping track of them and hence prevent future overpayments.


Some over paid claims are unrecognized and unidentified those are recovered, review all the claims in two three years for claim over payment.

How to prevent claim over payment

  • Claim over payments can be prevented through constant monitoring
  • Review all the claims processed and those that are currently processing and check for claim over payment
  • Find out all the over payments and retrieve them.
  • Avoid timely recoupment limitations contained in provider agreements
  • Review the claims on a daily basis
  • Monitor fast and future contract performance

Overpayments can sometimes be a huge amount, if you find out you are overpaid then report it to the insurer otherwise there will be payback and other issues. We help in processing claims and in keeping track of the claims, hence preventing any overpayment issues. We audit all the claims periodically to prevent miscalculations and other errors. We provide completely reliable and accurate services and keep track of policies to prevent future overpayments.