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Every vehicle is insured before they can be driven on road. We process three types of auto claims:

  • Own damage Claims
  • Theft claims
  • Third party Claim

1. Own damage claims:

When an accident occur with insured vehicle, then Own damage claims can be processed take your car to the garage or tow your vehicle and then report the accident to the police station then notify the insurer about the accident. Once claim is filed then we will check the damages to your car after that you have to submit all the documents and fill up the form required, after analyzing the damage we will process the claim according to your policy coverage.

auto Insurance claim processing

Documents Required:

  • Proof of insurance policy
  • Copy of Registration Book, Tax Receipt
  • Copy of Motor Driving License (with original) of the person driving the vehicle
  • FIR (In case of third Party Property damage/ death/body injury)
  • Estimate for repairer where the vehicle is to be repaired
  • Repair bills and payment receipts after the job is completed

auto Insurance claim processing

2. Theft Claims:

auto Insurance claim processing

When your vehicle is stolen then this claim can be processed. The First thing you should do is file a complaint and then give claim intimation to the insurance company and submit all the required documents along with the FIR. Then the insurance company will process the claims and the claim will be settled within 6 months.

Documents Required:

  • Proof of insurance policy
  • Original Registration Book, with Theft endorsement from concerned RTO, and tax payment receipt
  • Previous Insurance Details- Policy No., insuring office/ company, period of insurance
  • All the sets of keys/warranty card
  • FIR if any
  • Acknowledged copy of letter addressed to RTO intimating theft and making vehicle "NON-USE"

3. Third Party Claims:

A third party claim is a claimed against somebody else’s insurance policy, claim is effective and you will be compensated only if you were not responsible for accident or else you will not be compensated. If you were injured this claim will cover your medical expenses, compensation for suffering or any damages and for loss of pay. Compensation would be awarded after the court has agreed with the compensation amount.

Documents Required:

  • Identity proof
  • Registration number of the car that caused the accident
  • FIR and final investigation report
  • Medical report of the person injured
  • Details of the driver or the owner of the car
  • Details of any witnesses to the accident
  • Doctors consultation or medical report/ inquest report(in case death occurred)
auto Insurance claim processing

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