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Let’s update your database with our enriching record changes services!

When a policy holder wants to change the policy from his name to some else’s name or when he dies or when the policy address is changed then contact the insurance executive from who you took the policy then fill out some forms and submit the required documents then your request will be permitted within 2-3 work days.

When a policy holder dies or when he wants to change ownership of the policy to some other. To change the name of the policy holder or to change the beneficiary of the policy or to change the addresses in the policy documents contact the assigned insurance executive and submit the required documents to reap the benefits of the policy.

The Beneficiary change can be a cumbersome task since it requires lots of documents to be submitted and verified it takes time and waste a lot of money, we will help you to change beneficiary, name, address etc. easily in less time easily. The address change, name change etc. all requires several documents to be submitted. We help you in submitting these documents and making these changes easily in less time.


Documents required are:

  • ID proof and the required identity proving documents
  • Proof of insurance - policy/ cover note
  • Death certificates (in case death occurred) or other name or address change proof certificates
  • If the primary beneficiary is deceased then the benefits goes to other beneficiaries
  • In case of name change, all the documents regarding the name change must be submitted
  • Rent/ lease agreement with last 3 months rent receipt

Changing previously stored records is a cumbersome task and requires more time and money, we will help you with this hectic task, and we provide reliable and accurate services in less time our efficient and professional team will help you with all your record changes.