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Claims over a life insurance policy can be done in the following events:

  • Critical or permanent illness or permanent disability
  • Death Claims
  • Waiver of Premiums
Each claim has a different process to follow and here is an account of how to place a life insurance claim under different situations.

Critical or permanent illness or permanent disability

In the unfortunate event that the policyholder becomes critically ill or sustain permanent disability, their life insurance policy may come of a great help. The critical illnesses or the permanent liabilities need to be established first before placing the claim request. You will need a medical doctor’s report to establish your permanent disability or critical illness.


Death Claims over a Life Insurance Policy

Claiming the life insurance, when your next of kin is no more, does not have to be another painful experience. Our life insurance claim processing is simple, robust and transparent. We make sure that the authorized claimants are serviced and the claims are settled promptly once the required documents are all in place. Please follow the steps mentioned below for placing life insurance claims:
  • The detailed instructions for claims are given behind your policy document and on our website.
  • Once you receive the death certificate, you can contact us for the claim form or even download or submit it online from our website.
  • You have to submit the original policy documents along with the claim form and death certificate.

These are the basic 3 steps you need to follow while placing a life insurance claim with us. In addition, you can even call our helpline and ask for the instructions or initiate the settlement process which is the fastest and most recommended way. In case you cannot find the policy document, you can either contact us with the deceased person’s details and the death certificate or request the Association of British Insurers for help.

Generally, the insurance premium becomes a part of the deceased’s estate and according to the will. It will be processed. In case, the will was not prepared, the process will take a little longer, as you have to establish that you are the rightful claimant of the deceased. This may include some court procedures too.

In the UK, life insurance policy can be written in trust so that it will be processed faster. Even though it is not common and not recommendable to all, you can check the options before you insure your life.

Waiver of Premium

In the case where the policyholder has opted for a Premium Protection option, the policyholder can request for waiver of premium claiming that he or she is unable to work due to medical grounds. With proper medical certificates and records, such requests for qualifying life insurance policies will be considered and when they are found legible, further premiums are waived off.

Need to outsource the life insurance claim processing services??

Whatever be the case, if you are looking for claiming your life insurance policy, you must be aware of the proceedings. All you need to do is to contact us via email or telephone and we will help you with the claim proceedings.

  • Timely processing of claims
  • Timely disbursement of claim amount that delights the customer
  • Complete documentation of claim processing
  • Complete verification of all documents to prevent fraudulent claims
  • Considerable cost reduction in insurance claims processing