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Outsource the payroll and tax accounting and processing services to us!

Payroll processing is a hectic task which could cause several errors and problems if calculated incorrectly. Payroll processing requires excellent and skillful people to carry it out accurately. We provide services to ensure that payroll is processed consistently and accurately by our dedicated and skillful team. We ensure your payrolls are processed without any errors in less time and at affordable rates.

Payroll processing is done through several steps:

  • Gather all employee details: Gather all the required information about the employee and the wages and all the changes in the pay rate and other updates in wages.
  • Set pay period and time worked: set the correct period of pay and enter the correct amount for the time worked and for overtime done.
  • Record any manual payments: Enter all the payments done manually and not entered in the system.
  • Alter Deductions: Enter any changes and deductions in the salary for insurance, contributions etc.
  • Calculate pay: Calculate the final pay, if it is calculated manually then use tax tables for any tax withholdings.
  • Review reports: Then the reports are verified and errors are found out and the issues are corrected.
  • Payments are issued: once the report is analyzed for no further errors then the payments are processed.
  • 9% Investigate errors: If there is any problems in payroll processing, then investigate the transactions and then find out their occurrence and alter the errors encountered and change the procedures.


Processing payroll require high efficiency and accuracy, we provide reliable services that are 99% accurate in less time. We use efficient software to calculate payroll to increase efficiency and we also has efficient and qualified staff for manual payroll processing. Our services will help you increase your business production and will reduce your operational costs.