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Cost-effective and timely delivery of electronic check verification, claim processing, and real time tracking of eChecks

Real-time tracking is an important aspect of all businesses in many processes. One major process where real-time tracking saves the company is with checks processing. When you are accepting checks from existing or new clients, if you have real-time tracking of their history of transactions with you, it can sometimes save you from huge frauds. Since the transaction is effected and the money is actually transferred within a few hours, you save a lot of time and interest on the amounts transferred.

Check Processing

Many customers prefer not to carry cash and use checks for payment instead. Electronic check verification and processing services let the vendors accept checks without any risk as the checks are verified and processed real-time, electronically. This curtails the risk related to payments and frauds and also keeps your customer happy.


Sometimes the checks received are like a debit card where the payment is guaranteed. Some other times, the checks are verified for any previous shortfalls, bounce backs, and returns and they are swiped and returned to the customer. The amount will be automatically credited to the vendor account. Some organizations accept checks only within a limited amount. Checks against any payment beyond the specified limit are not accepted at all.

What we do?

We have a real-time tracking system wherein we verify all the checks presented and the run a history check on the customer. We check for any check bouncing, delayed payments, frauds, or other issues reported regarding the customer or the account. Our real-time checking makes sure that the checks are verified for frauds and funds and even credited into your account before the delivery is made to the customer. We have industry experts who have many years of experience in handling checks and check transactions. This along with our real-time tracking process and progress reports on the payments will help you with riskless transactions.

We use the latest technology check readers for real-time processing of checks. It is swiped through the check reader just like a debit / credit card. Within a few hours, the swiped check is verified for genuineness and funds and the mentioned amount is transferred to your account. You account will actually receive the amount the same day or within a maximum of 3 days.

What are the advantages of real-time processing?

Real-time checks processing saves a lot of time and travel required to present the check to the bank and the time taken to clear. Since it is done online, you get the funds transferred within a few hours. You are saved from possible check frauds and loss of money. You don’t have to purchase or install a new check processing system or software, just invest in us and we’ll do the processing part. No more loss, because of misplaced or lost checks in transit. Since payment history is also checked before accepting the checks and releasing the goods, you can rest assured that no fraudulent check transactions will put you in a loss.