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Nowadays people without health insurance policies are very few, health insurance policies are for securing health of policy holder. These health insurance policies cover most of the issues regarding health. If the policies are poorly processed it will lead to many complications. These health insurance claims will get you all the hospital expenses and cost reductions on medicines.

Merits of outsourcing medical/health insurance claim processing service to our bunch of experts

1. Cashless claims:

Benefits of cashless claims are acquired when an insured is admitted in the hospital; the person admitted in the hospital need not pay hospital expenses these services subject to claim intimation and as per terms of policy. The insured has to submit the Id and the policy schedule along with them to the hospital. At the time of discharge the insurance company executives will pay up the medical expenses. The following procedures are followed
  • The hospital will verify your ID card and the policy details
  • Sign the preauthorization form and get the doctors signature also.
  • The hospital will check it with the insurance company for further proceedings
  • The insurance company will check and will do the payment within 12 hrs.

health Insurance claim processing

2. Reimbursement claims:

Reimbursement Insurance claim processing

In case of reimbursement claim the insured has to pay all their medical expenses at the time of discharge. After discharge the insured has to claim for the policy amount. If the claim is admissible then all the medical expenses will be reimbursed. For claiming these submit the required documents. The following procedures are processed

  • Follow the necessary treatments and pay the hospital bills
  • Collect all the hospital bills and discharge summary at the time of discharge.
  • Submit all the relevant documents and the discharge summary to the insurance executive.
  • The claim will be settled within 30 days of submission of documents.

3. Emergency Hospitalization Claims:

When an emergency occurs or when insured meets with sudden accidents and requires sudden admission to the hospital this claim can be processed, the documents required for processing the claim is

  • The claim form should be filled in and signed
  • Supporting reports to prove diagnosis
  • Detailed report of the physician with past surgical reports confirming the diagnosis.
health Insurance claim processing

For better services submit all the required documents and papers to your insurance executives.