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Converting and Processing 4500 Oil and Gas documents (PDF to CSV format)

Who is the client?

Our client is a globally renowned shipping firm based in the US. The client offers a variety of shipping and planning solutions to the clients settled in different parts of the world.

How did they approach Insurance Claim Processing?

In the past, they approached nearly two outsourcing service providers with their requirements but was highly dissatisfied. And that’s when they heard about the unique, affordable, and friendly services offered by Insurance Claim Processing via the web. We were extremely glad to assist them with the required needs.

The Situation

The client had about 4500 shipping documents, which were readily available in a PDF format. These documents comprised of the crucial information such as the billing and other financial details. The client approached us to convert all these PDF documents into CSV (Comma Separated Values) format, so as to allow a smoother internal analysis and review process.

Our Challenges

As we successfully completed the trial run and entered the mainstream of handling the task, we faced certain difficulties. The information provided to us in the PDF format was categorized across the various rows and columns. The tables consisted of double lines which weren’t maintained in an organized format. The columns comprised of multiple rows and thus, created a greater inconsistency.

Our Solution

To meet the needs, without making the complications tougher, our dedicated and professional team took up certain steps to make the process easy.

A team of 10 members was created to handle the conversion and processing task and the team worked in two shifts. We converted 1000 pages in 45 days and thus, achieved the target before the mentioned time. Once the work was completed, we had employed a talented and professional QC (quality check) team to carry out a perfect analysis to detect the errors and update them


“Insurance Claim Processing has the potential to meet our requirements in the best professional way and we are highly satisfied with the outcome” – The Client