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Industries Served

Are you dealing with a lot of paperwork and back office documentation? Do you lack enough time to look after your core activities? If yes, you have landed at the perfect place to meet your needs.

Insurance Claims Processing is the topmost outsourcing service provider, catering to your insurance back office requirements and other non-core activities with 100% accuracy and consistency. Irrespective of which industrial sector you belong, we will assist you with the claim processing and insurance processing solutions.

Insurance Industry

Insurance is one of the booming industries across the world. With the expansion of digitization or technological developments, every industry has been widening at a rapid rate. And thus, the concept of insurance has gained a popularity among all the sectors. The insurance industries offer their assistance to the hospitals, various business, automobiles, and education.

At Insurance Claim Processing, we offer the following assistance to the insurance sector so as to smoothen their process.

  • Life insurance claim processing
  • Auto insurance claim processing
  • Health insurance claim processing
  • General insurance claim processing
  • Patient record form processing
  • Medical claims
  • Online application form processing

Banking Industry

With the advent of digital media, even the banks have adopted the means of digitization by enabling online banking process. The banking sector seeks service providers to ease the process of online transactions and to maintain a record or check of every transaction. Life insurance has gained a wider significance in the financial sector. The services offered to the banking sector includes:

  • Accounting and reconciliation
  • Financial document processing
  • Audits and reinstatement
  • Validate reserves
  • Account settlement
  • Custom/electronic check processing and check verification
  • Tax or payroll processing
  • Tax form processing

Logistics Industry

Today, the global supply chains as well as the industry of logistics have been expanding tremendously, not just in Asia but across the world. Insurance is considered to be one of the best tools used to manage the common supply chain interruptions. The major insurance services offered by us to the logistics firms include:

  • Shipping documents processing
  • If you feel that we can serve the needs of your firm, you can place your trust upon us by approaching us at [email protected]